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Clean Energy | Bio-Friendly Solutions

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Clean Energy
Bio-Friendly Solutions

Who we are

A clean technology company based in Nova Scotia, Canada

Our brand is inspired by the necessity to address and solve issues with our environment. Ravens are respected by many First Nations for their intelligence and ingenuity. Our brand reflects that we are solving the issue of escaping greenhouse gas emissions from closed landfill cells – the blue half circle represents Mother Earth and the green ribbons represent a clean energy and bio-friendly solutions.

Proudly a First Nations
majority-owned and controlled entity

Eliminate Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our technologies are 100% biodegradable, animal-safe and environmentally friendly

Generate Carbon-Offset Credits

Why choose us

Landfill Gas Solution

Our company offers Nova Scotian designed and engineered landfill gas capture technology for closed landfill cells. Raven Sky offers a scalable and cost-effective operation for small to medium sized landfills with modern-lined closed cells.

We capture, separate and process both methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) for the production of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and CO2 for industry use (agricultural, industrial machinery, food processing, and medical).  Our RNG is processed to pipeline quality and can be compressed for transport.

Raven Sky can provide RNG to address the dwindling supply of natural gas in the Eastern Canadian market. We offer a local renewable gas supply that is stable in price and addresses Canadian energy security. Conventional natural gas is increasingly imported from Western Canada and the United States from supplies obtained by fracking methods as well as emissions from well and pipeline transport.

We also eliminate greenhouse emissions allowing us to generate carbon-offset credits and a zero-emission solution for landfills.

We are pollution-free and environmentally safe. We do not utilize or require traditional methods of gas separation (membrane, pressure swing adsorption or use of amine solvents).



Zero-emission solution for landfills




Environmentally safe

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PO Box 498
Kingston, Nova Scotia
Canada  B0P 1R0


Toll-free 1-833-RVNSKY0

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